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Good for you, Deffenbaugh

October 21, 2011 

I’ve just been made aware that a temporary restraining order was issued Oct. 13, by the Jackson County Circuit Court at the request of Deffenbaugh Industries Inc., suspending the Request for Proposal process for the city of Lee’s Summit’s solid waste and curbside recycling program.

My comment is: “Yea, Deffenbaugh!” I am glad to see that someone has figured out some opposition with muscle to stop this “runaway train.” I never figured that would be the action taken, but it stands to reason because the trash haulers, both small (who couldn’t handle a big city contract) and large (who stand to lose a lot of business if not selected), have got to be concerned. Good for them for thinking of this! I have not been in favor of this plan since I first heard of it and have voiced my opinion to the council members, but felt it was an uphill battle to stop it and it was inevitable.

If all of this upheaval is only about encouraging recycling, I would submit that the hours of the two recycling facilities the city does provide be more user-friendly.

Why must they be under lock and key? Put up some yard lights, take down the fences and let us recycle at our convenience night or day. I don’t know how many times I go past the recycling center on Douglas and I have some things to leave off there and it’s not the “right” day or the “right” hours.

I’m glad we have now heard from the trash haulers – this one was a big company.

Donna Williams Lee’s Summit

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