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We can all learn something new at the zoo

October 26, 2011 

It’s no surprise; we’re partial to sports as a great source of entertainment for the whole family. But you could make an equally strong case for zoos. Animals and how they live have intrigued kids and adults for generations. On Nov. 8, residents of Jackson County and Clay County will have a chance to make our zoo one of the best attractions in the country, by approving a 1/8th cent sales tax to raise funds to create new world-class exhibits, educational programs and overall improved operations. A single penny tax on $8 of retail purchases will finance 10 years of exciting new construction projects recommended by Friends of the Zoo. We are honorary members of the committee working to get the “One Zoo for All” sales tax passed. We think this small tax is a terrific way to not only enhance the zoo and help better educate our children, but to create needed new jobs, as well.

How will the zoo change if the sales tax passes? A creative new penguin exhibit will kick things off, followed by modernized, accessible habitats, like Orangutan Canopy, Predator Canyon, Giraffe Tree Tops, Elephant Oasis, Gorilla Forest and Sea Lion Cove. A new Kids Wet Play Zone will be added, too.

In return for approving this small funding measure, residents of Jackson County and Clay County will enjoy half-priced admission to their zoo all year. And on four designated weekend days each year, the zoo will be free to those of us who live in Jackson or Clay counties. Educational field trips, including transportation, will be free for Jackson County and Clay County schoolchildren in designated grades.

Everything about the sales tax election adds up to a winning proposition for residents of Jackson and Clay counties. We hope everyone will join us in supporting “One Zoo for All.”

Frank and Teresa White Lee’s Summit

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