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December 21, 2011 

I’m writing to you in response to the article you ran Dec. 7 on my father-in-law’s toffee. It was a fantastic piece, but I’m afraid that my father-in-law was a bit humble in some of his responses. I wanted to offer up a little bit more background as it relates to his passion for the candy that he makes.

Joyce and Larry have been making toffee since long before I ever met them, and when I say “been making toffee”, I mean batches upon batches of toffee all throughout the holidays, trays cooling on every horizontal surface they could make available, a constant flow of melted chocolate for coating, and tins and tins and tins waiting to be filled, flying out the door as fast as they could make it.

They had a list a mile long of family and friends who looked forward to receiving the toffee as a gift at Christmas. As each year passed, the list got longer. Larry and Joyce stayed up late into the night, night after night to make enough. Eventually the list got long enough that it wasn’t humanly possible to make any more without a dedicated kitchen. That’s when people started offering to pay for it, and that’s how our idea for Larry to start a business was born.

Larry gets so much joy from making and sharing the toffee, he could have lived his whole life and never charged a cent. Even now he is most enthusiastic when he offers his toffee up to people who have never tried it before. He seems to thrive on the “sharing” more than anything else. Only time will tell if our suggestion to Larry to go into business was a good one, but if you count the benefits of living your passion, Larry should be in great shape regardless!

Tracy Marak Manchester

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