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Bad economy, bad service

December 21, 2011 

With so many people out of work, you would think retailers and service oriented facilities would be doing whatever it takes to increase their customer flow. Consumers have to budget their money very carefully because of these economic times. Customers are being patient with comparing prices to determine the best value for their money. Also, these same consumers are researching companies to ascertain good quality customer service.

Well, that doesn’t matter at Midas. The facility on Highway 291 in Lee’s Summit has a technician on duty who will respond “No,” very loudly when he is told that the customer is always right. This usually occurs after he has been very rude by talking down to you about the condition of your vehicle. Instead of receiving good customer service, you are met with a confrontational and unprofessional young man. Don’t even think about asking for the manager. He will sit back and let his young technician loud-talk you and won’t even interject. After his technician finishes his juvenile tirade the manager will quietly support his technician’s behavior and tell you that you can take your vehicle elsewhere.

So, you want to talk to the franchise owner in Leawood, Kan.? Forget about it. He is in marketing meetings and can’t return your call. Or, he is reviewing the tape from the incident and will call later. In other words, he doesn’t care. The Midas Corporate office in Illinois isn’t any better. When you contact them, they send you right back to the franchise owner.

Customer Service Training is a lost business tool in America. Companies simply will play the law of large numbers. If you don’t buy from us, there is someone else who will. The next time you experience bad service, go ahead and complain but don’t expect a positive remedy to the situation because the customer is always wrong. At least Midas thinks so.

J.C. Crane Lee’s Summit

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