April 5, 2013 

he always

listens closely

when church people

talk so calmly

about rising

from the dead

since his dog

got killed

on the street

he was small

so dad dug

under a tree

in the backyard

wrapped in his

favorite blanket

they buried him

now he checks

the grave

each morning

and looks out

his bedroom window

in that direction

before going

to sleep

he has tried

talking about it

mom told him

to ask the pastor

but only answer

was a pat

on the head

and quick exit

to shake hands

does everyone


except him

is it a secret

who else

even wonders

the dog lost

a rear leg

will he get

it back

he hears stories

of empty tombs

and walking

around town

someone said

only souls


what is a


and where

is it

inside you


had something


a body scan

did it show

do all animals

have one

he thought

he felt his hand

being licked

the other night

heard a bark

a few times

is sure

he saw

a tail wag

through bushes

where they played

his big sister


after some guy

stopped coming by

that love is crazy

and he loved

that dog

more than



Hubert Neth, a United Methodist pastor, has been contributing to the Journal for more than 20 years.

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