It’s all about God’s design

April 5, 2013 

Have you ever asked the question, “Am I lovable?“ “Can someone really love me?” Am I worth enough to love unconditionally? Can I love and be loved?

What’s wrong with me? Why do I feel this way?

Those questions are not questions that reflect the ideas of self-doubt, self-esteem, or self-worth. They are not questions that show how I feel. They reflect something deeper. At the very core. You.

It’s about design. God’s design.

We have been wired in a way that reflects God’s design and architecture. You are I are designed by God. That design reflects what is in us and the possibilities of what we can feel and experience. Better yet, what we can live out for us and with whom we can live life together.

I meet people who constantly allow the feelings of self-doubt and self-worth rule them. They have believed the lie that they are not valuable and not able to receive and give unconditional love. They are ruled by shame and guilt of past failures and circumstances.

They live in the mask of death and despair, hoping for a future that they know cannot and will not exist for them. Unfortunately, they have forgotten the Creator who created them in His image. A greater reality exists that is far greater than either the past and present realities of their lives. The reality rests on the Designer. It is the reality of possibilities, simply because of design.

Here are three things that you might consider:

1. God’s design is to wire us for what He enjoy, loving and lasting relationships.

2. God’s design for us is to wire us to actively seek and live in loving relationships.

3. God’s design for us is to wire us to find that God is the ultimate loving relationship.

Don’t let your emotions rule you. Don’t let the enemy of your soul confuse and torment you! Refuse to live in despair and hopelessness! Remind yourself today that by God’s design, you are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139). You are loved eternally and passionately. (1 John 4:6, 16, 18)

Today, begin with a new perspective over your life. Understand that your life is by design. You cannot undo or change your past. And although your life could have been different, this is a brand new day.

Your attitude must be different. One of optimism and expectation should accompany you and replace the attitudes of fear and despair. Your outlook must be upward not downward! Things are looking up and not down. The winter is drawing near and a brand new spring awaits you. It’s by design, don’t you know?

It’s a brand new you waiting to happen…like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly! It’s all about God’s design.

Fel Bagunu is lead pastor at GracePointe Community Church in Lee’s Summit.

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