Critical food violations found by the health department

April 24, 2013 


348 SW Blue Pkwy.

• Critical violation 7-102.11: Squirt bottle containing bleach and water mixture was not labeled. CORRECTED


1701 NE Douglas St.

• Critical violation 3-302.11: Raw walleye was observed above blue cheese crumbles in the walk-in cooler - CORRECTED, manager moved the cheese to a shelf above the fish.

• Critical violation 7-201.11: Chemical spray bottle was observed in the window above exposed foods in the kitchen - CORRECTED, manager moved the spray bottle to an acceptable location.


1201 SW Third St.

• Critical violation 7-201.11: There were chemical cleaner spray bottles stored next to food on counter as well as next to ice tea machine nozzles. CORRECTED by moving bottles to separate area in back room on bottom shelf.


899 SW Lemans Ln.

• Critical violation 3-302.11: Raw chicken and beef in separate containers were stored on shelves directly next to and above ready-to-eat food. Raw chicken was also stored directly next to and above raw beef. CORRECTED by creating a separate section for raw meat in both coolers and creating spaces between eat type of meat product.

• Critical violation 3-501.17: There were no date labels on prepared, ready-to-eat, potentionally hazardous food in the walk-in cooler and in the chef-line reach-in cooler. CORRECTED with date labeling stickers on all potentially hazardous food kept for more than 24 hours. Food needs to be labeled with date of preparation and discarded 7 days or less from the date that it is prepared.


1676 NW Chipman

• Critical violation 3-501.16: The salmon in the front of the prep cooler drawer directly below stove was found to be 51.8 °F with thermocouple. The salmon had been in that drawer for over 2 hours, and was DISCARDED. Other items in the same drawer were found to be 41°F or below. This drawer does not close completely/tightly. All other potentially hazardous food items in the other prep drawers below the stove were found to be 41°F or below with thermocouple.


1313 NE Douglas

• Critical violation 7-201.11: There were multiple fuel containers for the buffet stored above and near plates, utensils, linens, and single-use items in kitchen and dry food storage shelves. CORRECTED by moving all containers into a box and storing on lowest shelf in the office area.


1321 NE Douglas Road

• Critical violation 7-102.11: There was an unlabeled bottle of chemical cleaner in kitchen near 3 compartment sink. CORRECTED with label.


711 SE 291 Hwy.

• Critical violation 3-501.16: Several potentially hazardous foods on the buffet were observed below 135°F. Internal temperatures taken: Salmon 130°F, shrimp 119°F, stuffed mushrooms 108°F, fried rice 108-115°F, black pepper chicken 117°F, honey chicken 99-101°F, chicken teriyaki 106°F, general tsos chicken 119°F, sesame chicken 124°F. These foods were on the buffet for less than 2 hours so manager was allowed to reheat foods to 165°F and reserve. All potentially hazardous foods on the buffet must be held at 135°F or above or 41°F or below.

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