Years ago

April 26, 2013 

March 1928

85 years ago

A man from rural Greenwood and a man from Kansas City are in the Cass County jail awaiting trial. They were parked on First Street in a Chandler automobile in Pleasant Hill. Someone told the Pleasant Hill City Marshal that the two were selling whiskey. The Marshal investigated and found 15 gallons of corn liquor in their car. There was a bottle of chocolate syrup with the liquor which the Greenwood man told the marshal was used for coloring the white corn whiskey to make it look like red liquor.

April 1950

63 years ago

Lee’s Summit strikes the person seeing it for the first time as an exceptionally clean place–lots of new paint and attractive store fronts are seemingly everywhere. After a week in the place, one still marvels at the business-like, progressive atmosphere of the place.

This town, the visitor observes, is a happy combination of the best features of both big-city and small-town living. It would be, one readily concludes, a mighty fine place to grow up in. The homes are attractive, set well back from the street, with plenty of room in between. There are all the essentials of good living here–fine churches, schools, a nice library and other factors that go to make up a good town. Best of all, there is friendliness, good neighborliness, a readiness to put the emphasis on living (in every scene the term implies) above mere money. And there are not the headaches stemming from traffic tie-ups, parking delays and other things which can make city living the mad scramble that is.

Compilied from the files of the Journal by Jim Carpenter.

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