LS man charged with burglary, theft in Kansas

tporter@lsjournal.comApril 26, 2013 

  • More information $100,000 Bond amount set for Steven Glaze of Lee’s Summit after being charged in connection with a burglary in Overland Park, Kan.

Steven Glaze admits to wrongdoing, but not to what he is accused.

Glaze, of Lee’s Summit, faces 14 counts of burglary and theft in Johnson County, Kan., after being arrested while in possession of items that were reported stolen from a Kansas residence. He was first charged March 22 with one count each of aggravated burglary, criminal damage, burglary of a dwelling and theft. On April 23, Glaze was charged with 10 more related counts, all stemming from the burglary of a home in Overland Park, Kan., belonging to Zoe Herrington, owner of Overland Park.-based Noble House Jewelry.

Glaze is currently out of jail on $100,000 bond.

“Right now it’s just a charge,” said Glaze, former owner of Paragon Roofing and Remolding. Glaze added his wife is owner of Paragon Design Remodel, for which he is an employee. “I’m getting ready to take a polygraph test with my attorney next week. What the real charge should be is possession of stolen property. I purchased some things that were stolen and I got caught with them and that’s the main charge.

“As far as the business, you know, I’m probably going to have to do something totally different. It’s difficult. That’s how I provide for my family. I made some poor, poor decisions; now I’m going to have to find something else now. It’s just difficult. I’m going through some difficult stuff right now and some of it’s self-induced and some of it’s not.”

Police records indicate Glaze is accused of stealing several expensive items from Herrington’s residence, including 100 pieces of Louis Vuitton traveling bags, wallets and hand bags valued at $200,000, two black diamond mink coats valued at $30,000, various other expensive fur coats, a $5,000 vintage Rolex watch, artwork and other valuables. The list also includes stolen prescription drugs, laptop computers and fine China.

Herrington said she is convinced Glaze is the culprit because of tracking devices found on two of her vehicles, which were traced back to tracking boxes found in Glaze’s vehicle after his arrest.

“After he robbed us, he didn’t take the tracking devices off either of the cars,” Herrington alleged in a phone interview with the Journal April 24. “I had to purchase a (German Shepard) dog just to feel safe to come back into my own home. I don’t trust this guy. This guy is working in tandem with other people and the reason I got my dog is because my security system is completely shut down. I believe that he was working with somebody else. I believe they were in my house for a couple of hours.”

Herrington said she has never done business with Glaze or Paragon and doesn’t know him personally.

“I’ve never even met him; I don’t even know who he is,” she said before adding she has reported Glaze and Paragon Design Remodel to the Better Business Bureau, which issued an alert against the company as recently as April 23.

“I sold Paragon Roofing and Remolding in 2009,” Glaze said. “Then we started Paragon Design Remodel. My wife owns Paragon Design Remodel and I basically work for her. She’s not sure what she’s going to do; if she’s going to keep that and keep running it without me or however that’s going to work.

“You know it’s real difficult. The Better Business Bureau listed that I was arrested for burglary. Most people are going to assume you’re guilty until proven innocent, so that destroys my credibility, destroys my ability to care for my family. I’ve got to figure something else out. I wish they could wait until a conviction was made. That’s one of the reason I’m even taking a polygraph test next week to admit to what I did do and show what I didn’t do and take it back to the prosecutor and get things more in line with what they should be.”

Glaze’s next court appearance in Johnson County is May 10.

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