LS woman cited for hosting open house party for minors

April 26, 2013 

  • More information 47 Age of Tracy Binkley, a Lee’s Summit woman cited April 20 for hosting an open house party for minors

A party at a home in Lee’s Summit ended with a resident and several teens cited on alcohol-related charges and violations of city ordinances.

According to a police report from the Lee’s Summit Police Department, Tracy Binkley, 47, of the 2700 block of S.W. Gray Lane, was cited April 20 for hosting an open house party for minors, a violation of city ordinances.

Up to nine juveniles were also cited for being a minor in possession of alcohol. Because the juveniles were underage, their names were redacted from the police report.

The report states a parent of one of the attendees at the party went to Binkley’s home to pick up her 16-year-old son and witnessed between 20 to 30 juveniles intoxicated and drinking in the basement of Binkley’s home.

The concerned parent then called police, who arrived on the scene and witnessed several teenagers consuming alcohol while playing beer pong and other drinking games. According to the report, a 16- to 18-year-old male smirked at officers as they knocked on the door and rang the doorbell to try to make contact with the residents of the home. The male allegedly walked calmly from the back door to the front door to make sure doors were locked and police could not enter. The male then refused to open the door so that officers could talk with party goers.

After several minutes of banging on the door, officers observed an older female – later identified as Binkley – walking through the kitchen of the residence. According to the report, Binkley ignored the officers and continued doing what she was doing in the kitchen. Officers then reported back to the front of the home where they began to run license plates and contact owners of the vehicles, mostly parents of the juvenile party-goers.

One-by-one the juveniles started filing out of the house, and after a few of the teenagers blew into alcohol-measuring apparatuses, witnesses stated that Binkley and her husband were in the house and Binkley herself knew that alcohol was being consumed. The report states several witnesses’ blood alcohol content didn’t register on the breathing machine, while several others registered higher than 0.02 percent. The legal in Missouri to drive under the influence of alcohol is 0.08 percent. Several of the juveniles were then arrested for minor in possession of alcohol by consumption.

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