Jackson County health code violations for the week of May 20

Critical food violations found by the health department

May 24, 2013 


1501 NE Douglas

• Critical violation 3-302.11: An employee was observed handling raw bacon while wearing gloves and then handling ready-to-eat toppings (cheese and croutons) for a cup of soup without changing gloves or washing hands. CORRECTED by discarding the soup and the gloves and the employee washing their hands.

• Critical violation 4-703.11: The final rinse of the dishwashing machine was not sanitizing equipment placed on one side as determined by thermolabel. When using hot water as a sanitizer, a dishwashing machine must achieve an equipment surface temperature of 160° F or above.


1694 NW Chipman Rd.

• Critical violation 7-202.12: A non-commercial grade pesticide was found on the shelf in the storage area - CORRECTED. Labeling on pesticides must indicate that they are allowed to be used in a commercial food establishment.


1850 NW Chipman

• Critical violation 4-703.11: Ware washing machine is not rinsing at a high enough temperature to sanitize as indicated by a 160°F thermolabel. Corrective action: repair the machine so the rinse water temperature is 160°F or above.


1543 NE Douglas

• Critical violation 3-301.11: An employee was observed placing basil on a cooked, ready-to-eat pizza with their bare hands. After discussing glove use with ready-to-eat foods, the same employee handled another cooked, ready-to-eat pizza with their bare hands to place it on a tray. Employees must use utensils or gloves when handling ready-to-eat food.

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