Beginning the new chapter

May 29, 2013 

I never thought that ending my high school career would make me feel as unique as I do. Others cannot wait to get out of this ‘prison’ called high school and start their new lives, whereas I feel like the amount of time left with my high school friends is dwindling, and I don’t know how to feel about it.

All everyone wants to do is grow up and go to college; I find myself fearing what college will bring. But at the same time, I am beyond excited to see what my life will look like when I start doing what I love – journalism. The opportunities that will open up, the new friends that will be made, and the unforgettable times that are all to come are aspects of college that I cannot wait to be a part of. No one really knows where their life will take them, and that is amazing to me. Our lives are what we make them, and it all starts in college.

All high school students are used to is the repetitive process of waking up before the sun, going to school while half asleep, doing homework every night for hours and then rolling into bed early enough to actually get some sleep. Getting thrown into something entirely new in about three months seems crazy to me. Not only will my schedule change, but so will my usual friend group. Everyone is going their separate ways and communication after high school is going to be slim to none. This makes me wonder why everyone wants to leave so bad. I understand that college is the place that we go to find ourselves and get on with our lives, but at the same time I feel as though the change into college will be more than I can handle. With all of this worry and change that is about to happen, I also feel excited and lucky to get the chance to experience it.

This different world of having more stress than I can handle and at the same time having more fun than I ever thought possible is just around the corner. But before I have to plan the colors of my dorm room, pick my schedule, be horrified for move-in day and worry about passing my first college test, I have this summer.

Despite me and my friends going to completely opposite schools and having to deal with the sports and student rivalries that are inherently there, I know that our relationships are strong enough to last a lifetime.

Before everyone goes their separate ways, this summer should be one to remember. Hang out with that certain person you have always wanted to, go to that one outdoor movie theater an hour away just for the experience and most of all don’t worry about what tomorrow will bring. We have one summer left until most communication ceases and we forget about most of our old friends. Make this last summer count. We can’t get these years back, and when looking back in 20 years, we will remember those times of courage, risk and excitement and not those nights where we chose to stay home instead of going out with our friends simply because we were tired or didn’t like one person who was in the group.

I am challenging myself to make every day of summer count for something to make the best memories. In the words of August Strindberg, “No matter how far we travel, the memories will follow in the baggage car.”

Born and raised in Missouri, Katie Soden resides in Lee’s Summit with parents Bob and Nancy and brother Daniel. Soden is a senior at Lee’s Summit North High School, runs cross country and works on the yearbook staff. She will attend the University of Missouri. Follow Soden her senior year as she shares her experiences in the Journal

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