Extra-curricular activities make a difference in community

May 31, 2013 

Responsibility and commitment are some of the characteristics that students involved in extra-curricular activities show in their communities. Students involved can make a difference with these qualities, along with organization and work ethic to help others. Involved students set an example by making good choices, becoming leaders, and participating positively in their communities.

Involved students make a difference in their communities by staying out of trouble. They are occupied with balancing activities and school work so they make good choices. Keeping students participating will mean less crime and lower student drug use to keep the community safer. Involved students are guided by coaches and rules, stay involved, work harder in the classroom and make better grades. These students help share their skills in activities and sports with younger students in the community. Students involved in extra-curricular activities become positive role models in their community.

Students involved improve their community by taking responsibility and becoming leaders. The confidence gained in sports and activities builds their self-esteem to become role models that show good behavior. They are better participants in the classroom and leaders in groups. Involved students set goals, work hard, keep trying, and achieve them. Positive compliments from their coaches and fellow participants reward them with self confidence. Students involved in extra-curricular activities gain organizational and leadership skills to participate in helping organize activities in their community.

Involved students become an active part of their community. As members of teams or groups they show teamwork. They help out their communities by helping teammates or participants and making friendships. They learn to be a part of a team, compromise, and work with other people. They can participate in their sport to help raise money for charities or help with handicapped events and leagues in their community.

Students involved in extra-curricular activities will help someone positively in their community. Their character and gifts will help guide the next generation. The participation, influence, and example of students involved will help their community today and in the future.

Daphne Plummer is a Summit Lakes Middle School student.

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