Years ago

June 14, 2013 

75 years ago

June 1938

Each Thursday evening a band concert will be held near the depot. Those on the program for the next concert include Billy Francis, flute solo; Eddie and Dickie Falk, Patty Long, Harriet Holbert, Delores Lentz and Jean Dunham, song and tap dance.

According to recent Army orders from Washington D.C., Major William Colbern, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Colbern has been transferred to Warsaw, Poland, to serve as military attaché. (Colbern Road was named after his family.)

50 years ago

June 1963

Zip Code, the post office department’s revolutionary new system of improving mail dispatch wand delivery goes into effect nationally on July 1. Everyone will be required to use the Zip Code on all of their correspondence to speed mail deliveries.

An unusual fire took place at the Country Kitchen Restaurant, 307 South Douglas. Starlings built nests in the sign on the building. The nests caused a short circuit and set the building on fire. Several nests and young Starlings were washed out of the sign by the force of water from the fire engine.

Compiled from the files of the Journal by Jim Carpenter.

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