Jackson County health code violations for the week of June 4-11

Critical food violations found by the health department

June 19, 2013 


190 NE Tudor Rd.

• Critical violation 3-302.11: Raw turkey burgers were observed being thawed out on a grill shelf directly above beef hamburger patties being cooked on the lower part of the grill and raw turkey burger juice was dripping directly on the hamburger meat. The establishment agreed to clear a spot on the grill to thaw out the turkey burgers without the potential for them dripping on beef hamburgers. CORRECTED. Poultry may not be stored or cooked above beef products since it has a required cooking temperature of 165°F and ground beef has a required cooking temperature of 155°F.


251 SW Greenwich

Kitchen/Salad bar/Smoked meats

• Critical violation 3-501.16: Potentially hazardous food was observed to be held with an internal temperature of 49°F to 51°F in the end reach-in storage cooler. Food items were DISCARDED during this inspection and the unit was removed from service until such time as repaired. A re-inspection will be performed on 6-3-13 and a re-inspection fee will be due at that time.


• Critical violation 7-201.11: Sanitizer was observed to be stored over the three compartment sink/drain board. CORRECTED during this inspection.


707 NE Rice Rd.

• Critical violation 3-301.11: An employee was observed handling a ready-to-eat sandwich with their bare hands. CORRECTED by having the employee wash their hands and put gloves on before handling ready-to-eat food.

Mr. Sushi

995 NE Rice Road

• Critical violation 2-102.11: No soap or paper towels were available at the sushi station hand sink. The kitchen hand sink was blocked by equipment, had no paper towels, and had the water turned off to it. The person in charge did not properly demonstrate knowledge on preventing food borne illness due to the complete lack of hand washing capabilities in food prep areas. Soap and paper towels were placed at both hand sinks, the kitchen hand sink water was turned back on and unblocked, and a discussion was made with the person in charge about the importance of hand washing. CORRECTED.


541 SE Melody Ln.

• Critical violation 3-101.11: The establishment was observed storing fried chicken and crab rangoon in direct contact with newspapers. Newspapers may contain toxic chemicals and other sources of contamination. The food that was in contact with the newspapers was discarded. CORRECTED. Food may only come into contact with materials that are safe and approved for use as a food contact surface.

Critical violation 3-501.16: Various potentially hazardous foods, including chicken, beef, and tofu were 48-50°F in the cook’s line reach-in cooler. The tofu was discarded. The other food products had been above 41°F for less than 2 hours and the establishment was allowed to move them to the walk-in cooler. Potentially hazardous food must be held at 41°F or below or 135°F or above.


1901 SE Langsford

• Critical violation 3-101.11: Mold was observed on hot dog buns at the hot dog prep station - CORRECTED on site (hot dog buns DISCARDED).


1699 NE Douglas

• Critical violation 3-306.14: Containers of jelly and buttery spread that were placed on customer’s plates touching food were observed being rinsed off and re-used. Packaged food items that have come into contact with unpackaged food items in possession of a customer are no longer considered to be in sound condition and must be discarded after their first use. CORRECTED by discarding the used packages of buttery spread and jelly.

• Critical violation 4-202.11: There were cracks and holes in the bottom of the ice bucket. CORRECTED by discarding the ice bucket.


711 SE 291 Hwy.

• Critical violation 3-501.16: Various potentially hazardous foods, including stuffed mushrooms, fish, and cheese crab meat, were 115-124°F in the far end buffet steam table. These foods had been below 135°F for less than 2 hours and the establishment was allowed to reheat them to 165°F and serve. Potentially hazardous food must be held at 135°F or above or 41°F or below.


209 SW Greenwich Dr.

• Critical violation 3-501.17: Prepared food items were not labels with the date of preparation in the walk-in cooler. CORRECTED during this inspection.

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