Jackson County health code violations for the week of June 24

Critical food violations found by the health department

June 28, 2013 


690 NW Blue Parkway

• Critical violation 7-201.11: Chemical spray bottles were observed on a shelf directly above opened food boxes on prep table in chicken station. Chemical spray bottle was observed in very close proximity to a food container in the drive thru station (see comments section).


436 SW Ward

• Critical violation 3-501.16: Pan of cooked chicken was observed on a bucket next to the stove on the cook's line under no form of temperature control. The internal temperature of this product was 79°F. It was determined that the food was out of temperature control for less than 2 hours so the manager was allowed to move the food to the walk-in cooler.


3504 SW Market

• Critical violation 5-202.13: The spray hose at the three compartment sink was observed to extend below the flood rim of the sink. CORRECTED during this inspection.


3532 SW Market

• Critical violation 7-201.11: Spray cleaners were observed to be stored with single service items (plastic trays) on the service counter shelf. CORRECTED during this inspection.


4835 NE Lakewood Way

• Critical violation 3-501.16: 1. The prep cooler on the front of the cook's line was not maintaining potentially hazardous foods at 41°F or below. The internal temperatures of some foods being held in the cooler were as follows: sliced roast beef 55°F, corned beef 50°F, meatballs 49°F. The ambient air temperature inside of the cooler was 49°F.2. The prep cooler on the back of the cook's line was not maintaining food at 41°F or below. The internal temperatures of some of the food being held in the cooler were as follows: shredded parmesan 50° F, raw fish 49°F, cooked noodles 54° F. The ambient air temperature of the cooler was 52°F. RE-INSPECTION REQUIRED.

• Critical violation 4-703.11: There was no detectable sanitizer in the dishwashing machine at the bar. After running a few times the sanitizer started working. CORRECTED.


777 N Blue Parkway

• Critical violation 3-501.18: Pans of chicken salad and tuna salad in walk-in cooler were labeled with a preparation date of 6/11 - DISCARDED. Foods like this must be discarded if not consumed within 7 days.

• Critical violation 7-102.11: Chemical spray bottle was not labeled - CORRECTED.

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