Do you believe that marijuana is a medicine?

July 5, 2013 

The pro marijuana advocates have been successful in persuading states to buy into the perception that marijuana is natural, safe and has medicinal value.

The questions we have to ask ourselves include, “How many other medicines that people take are smoked?” Zero.

“Come in unmeasured doses?” Zero.

“Are taken as often as the patient thinks is needed?” Zero.

“Are taken in crude form (like aspirin from tree bark, penicillin from bread mold)?” Zero.

“How many other medicines that people take are voted on by the public?” Zero.

“Circumvent the safety of FDA testing,” “contain no warnings on harm,” or “are recommended by doctors, not prescribed?” Zero.

“How many other medicines that people take don’t require medical examination with specific diagnosis,” or “allow a person to grow or produce his/her own medicine,” or “allow some unnamed person to hold your otherwise illegal drug?” Zero.

One exception to any of the above would be amazing, but all of them?

Unbelievable. Don’t buy the lie! Marijuana is not medicine.

(This information is provided by Ed Moses, Drug Watch International, Retired Lt., Missouri State Highway Patrol).

Proponents for legalized marijuana have exerted very persuasive efforts to market propaganda to make the general public believe that there should be a general trend to accept legalized marijuana in society today.

Become an informed citizen and understand the real facts and long-term affects of legalized marijuana.

Roby Little is the director of Lee’s Summit CARES and a Lee’s Summit resident.

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