Jackson County health code violations for the week of July 8

Critical food violations found by the health department

July 11, 2013 


27905 E. Colbern Rd.

• Critical violation 3-301.11: Employee working the in kitchen was observed touching ready-to-eat foods without wearing gloves. Food employees may not contact exposed, ready-to-eat food with their bare hands and shall use suitable utensils such as deli tissue, spatulas, tongs, single-use gloves or dispensing equipment. CORRECTED through discussion.

• Critical violation 3-501.16: The far left side of the larger prep cooler was not maintaining potentially hazardous foods at 41°F or below. This section of the prep cooler was directly across from the grill, which was producing high heat. The internal temperatures of some of the potentially hazardous foods being held in the left section of the cooler were as follows: sliced tomatoes 52°F, sliced cheese 54°F, shredded parmesan 57°F, ground beef 53°F. The ambient air temperature of the prep cooler was 57°F. Potentially hazardous foods must be maintained at 41°F or below or 135°F or above. Food was discarded. RE-INPSECTION REQUIRED.


1806 NW Chipman

• Critical violation 2-401.11: 1. Various employee drinks were observed in the kitchen area without lids or straws. Employee beverage containers must have a lid and a straw - CORRECTED. 2. An employee was observed eating french fries off of a tray that was sitting with customer food trays. Employees may only eat in designated areas where the contamination of exposed food, clean equipment, utensils, linens, unwrapped single-service and single-use articles or their items needing protection can not result. CORRECTED through discussion.

• Critical violation 5-203.14: The spray hose at the single sink by the dishwashing machine was hanging down in the sink without a backflow prevention device. Spray hose was hooked to a shelf with a wire to prevent it from hanging into the sink until a new spring is placed on the hose - CORRECTED.


1547 NE Rice Road

• Critical violation 3-202.15: There were a few badly dented cans on can rack. CORRECTED by pulling these cans to be returned.

• Critical violation 3-501.16: The long make table cooler across from stove was not keeping food at 41°F or below. The following internal temperatures were obtained using thermocouple: shrimp 49°F, scallops 50°F, and cream sauce 51°F. These potentially hazardous foods had been out of the walk-in or tall reach-in cooler for less than 2 hours. The food items were removed and moved to the tall reach-in cooler to reach and maintain a temperature of 41°F or below. Inspector noticed two pans being used to store the shrimp and scallops each. Chef was double panning in order to have seafood items drain into a second pan and prevent these items from spoiling. Inspector explained to chef that only one pan should be used to allow direct cooling and ensure proper temperature. The thermostat on the unit was adjusted to make the internal temperature colder to maintain food at 41°F or below. Pan placed in cooler after a temperature of <41°F was reached and after 20 minutes, clams and cream sauce were 41°F. CORRECTED.


1313 NE Douglas

• Critical violation 2-401.11: There were several employee cups in prep area with no lids or straws. CORRECTED by DISCARDING.

• Critical violation 3-501.16: The pizza prep table cooler in main area had an ambient air temperature of 49-50°F. The food items in the top portion of the prep table cooler were >41°F: pepperoni 49°F and sausage 51°F. The pepperoni slices stored in the bottom part of reach-in cooler were 50°F as indicated with thermocouple. Food had been stored in reach-in cooler for more than 2 hours, and was DISCARDED. The temperature control inside the reach-in cooler was adjusted, and after 30 minutes, the internal temperature is 41°F. CORRECTED.

• Critical violation 3-501.17: There was no date marking on containers of ready-to-eat, potentially hazardous food being held in walk-in cooler for more than 24 hours. CORRECTED with date labels.

• Critical violation 4-703.11: There was no detectable sanitizer in the warewashing machine.


880 NW Blue Parkway

• Critical violation 3-302.11: Raw bacon was observed above strawberries in reach-in cooler. Raw shell eggs were observed above cherries in reach-in cooler. CORRECTED, store raw animal foods below ready to eat foods. This is a repeat violation from the last routine inspection.

• Critical violation 3-501.16: Glass door reach-in cooler by the three compartment sink is not holding potentially hazardous foods at 41°F or below. Internal temperatures taken of heavy cream (50°F) and sour cream (52°F) confirmed this. PRODUCT DISCARDED.


Kitchen/Chinese/Salad Bar

301 NE Rice Road

• Critical violation 3-302.11: Raw chicken was stored over raw eggs in the Chinese walk-in cooler. Raw animal products shall be separated from each other according to required cooking temperatures - CORRECTED.

• Critical violation 3-501.16: Salad ingredients were left out of cold holding to be prepped in the salad prep area. When observed, there was no prep activity. The internal temperatures of some of the potentially hazardous foods left out were as follows: diced ham 56°F, diced turkey 50°F, eggs 50°F. All potentially hazardous foods were discarded. Potentially hazardous foods must be maintained at 41°F or below or 135°F or above. RE-INSPECTION REQUIRED.

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