50 years ago

July 12, 2013 

It is two miles long and a mile wide. There are four service stations, a restaurant, an ice cream shop and a population of about 75. This is Hollywood Cross, a rural area around the intersection of highway M-150 and 291, south of Lee’s Summit. A week ago it petitioned the county court for incorporation as a village. If incorporated, the area would retain the name it has held since the 1920’s.

There was a man named Fred Cross who owned a service station on the southwest corner of 150 and 291. He traveled to California and when he returned to the area all he could talk about was the fine time he had in California. From that time on everyone called him Hollywood. From that came the name of the intersection. There used to be a one-room grade school on the southeast corner of the intersection. It was Maple Grove School and the last classes were held in about 1941.

The part of 291 that runs through Hollywood Cross used to be a part of the Jefferson Highway, which ran from Louisiana to Canada. There was a permanent building on the northeast corner of the intersection that sold many apples to the travelers on the Jefferson Highway.

The farmhouse of Cole Younger, a famous outlaw, is less than a mile south of the intersection.

L.L. Mallett who owns a farm on M-150 east of 291 is a leader in the move to incorporate. He said most of the people wanted to incorporate to prevent Greenwood from annexing the area. (The petition was not approved and the area is now a part of Lee’s Summit.)

– Compiled from the files of the Journal by Jim Carpenter.

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