The awakening is here for Lisa Cherepak and Becky Suarez

tporter@lsjournal.comJuly 17, 2013 

  • 3 Day in June that Better Bodies Pilates opened its doors for clients. The Pilates studio at 3387 N.E. Ralph Powell Rd. will celebrate its official grand opening July 18.

Lisa Cherepak and Becky Suarez have certainly found their niche after years as certified Pilates instructors.

However, it is the unique concept of their recently-opened-business that that may set them apart.

The duo is touting Better Bodies Pilates as the only fully-equipped Pilates studio in Lee’s Summit. The studio opened for business June 3, and will celebrate its grand opening from 4 to 7:30 p.m. July 18 with various activities, including a ribbon cutting ceremony sponsored by the Lee’s Summit Chamber of Commerce.

“We just had a vision and kept at it,” Suarez said of the business’s plans. “Everything has just come together. There have been no major issues.”

Better Bodies Pilates, 3387 N.E. Powell Road, is described a studio dedicated to promoting health and well-being in a positive, non-intimidating environment providing individualized and small group Pilates instruction based on the teachings of Joseph H. Pilates.

The location along the Ralph Powell Road business corridor seemed ideal for the pair.

“We were looking at other places as well, but this seemed to be it, as far as location,” Cherepak said. “That’s so important.”

Both Cherepak and Suarez feel taking their respective individual businesses out of their homes and into a combined studio space will do wonders for their clients.

“Lisa and I met probably about six years ago,” said Suarez, a Lee’s Summit resident. “Lisa had a home studio at Lake Tapawingo and I had a home studio in Oaks Ridge Meadows (subdivision). We were teaching Pilates clients out of our basements. We knew each other and business started booming and we needed bigger space and more hours to operate, so we went into business together last month and it has brought us here. We combined our equipment and added cardio barre classes to our current line of class offerings to appeal to a broader market and to add cardio for our clients.”

Added Cherepak, a Lake Tapawingo resident who offers lessons on a stand-up paddleboard on Lake Tapawingo, the only studio in Missouri offering stand-up paddle board Pilates: “It’s such a great workout because it is a core workout which is the essence of Pilates. I just thought what a great complement; my studio is at the house, so what a great complement to add that to my repertoire. People seem to really enjoy it.”

Better Bodies offers Pilates through floorwork, reformers, chairs, cadillac, the aforementioned stand-up paddleboards and the barre – Pilates-speak for sure, but after years of instruction, Cherepak and Suarez are staunch supporters of the benefits the mind-powered exercise provides.

“I think of it as alignment centering on strength and flexibility,” Cherepak said. “What’s beautiful about Pilates – because I came to it with back aches and wasn’t flexible – Pilates was just an awakening for me because it was such a great complement for me running and everyday life.”

Asked to expound of the virtues of Pilates, Suarez said: “Using your mind to access your body and learning how to efficiently do every movement in your life – whether it’s shopping or picking up your kids or doing other exercises and doing it correctly and being made aware that you may have mechanical issues, Pilates helps correct that. You just learn to work smarter, not harder.”

For more details on Better Bodies Pilates, visit the company’s website at www.betterbodiespilates.


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