Jackson County health code violations for the week of July 15

Critical food violations found by the health department

July 19, 2013 


1701 NE Douglas St.

• Critical violation 4-202.11: Lexan food containers were observed to be cracked and no longer adequately cleanable. CORRECTED during this inspection.


400 NW Murray

• Critical violation 6-501.111: A number of rodent droppings were observed on the floor under the shelving, along the walls in the dry storage room and in the back corner of the kitchen. See comments section for corrective action.


1333 NE Douglas

• Critical violation 4-703.11: Sanitizer was not detected in the final rinse of the dishwasher. CORRECTED during this inspection.


4 SE Independence Ave.

• Critical violation 7-201.11: Chafing fuel was observed to be stored above clean equipment and food items. CORRECTED during this inspection.


1690 NW Chipman

• Critical violation 4-703.11: There was no detectable sanitizer in the sanitizer buckets. The manager determined that there was no sanitizer coming out of the dispenser and will mix the sanitizer manually until the dispenser is fixed - CORRECTED.


302 Main St.

• Critical violation 3-302.11: Raw meat and raw chicken packages were observed stored with a ready to eat food. CORRECTED, manager moved the ready to eat food to the top shelf, the beef to the middle, and the chicken on the bottom.

• Critical violation 3-501.18: Several containers of cooked, ready to eat foods were more than 7 days past the preparation date according to the date label: prime rib 6/30, ham 6/25, cooked pork 6/18. CORRECTED, manager discarded these items.


1676 NW Chipman

• Critical violation 3-501.16: The top left cooler drawer below the grills was not maintaining food at 41°F or below. The temperatures of some of the food being held in the cooler drawer were as follows: salmon 48°F, shrimp 53°F. Potentially hazardous foods must be maintained at 41°F or below or 135°F or above. (repeat) RE-INSPECTION REQUIRED.

• Critical violation 4-703.11: There was no detectable sanitizer in the dishwashing machine. The bucket of sanitizer was changed and the sanitizer was not being dispensed into the dishwashing machine. The manager corrected the issue and the sanitizer was being dispensed into the dishwashing machine at the correct concentration. CORRECTED.


910 NW Blue Pkwy.

• Critical violation 4-703.11: No sanitizer detected in the wiping cloth buckets or in the three compartment sink. This was corrected on site when the manager emptied the line leading to the sanitizer dispenser. A re-inspection will be made to insure continued compliance since this is a repeat critical violation.


632 NE 291 Hwy.

• Critical violation 2-401.11: An employee water bottle was observed on top of the white reach-in freezer without a straw. Employee beverage containers must have a lid and a straw - CORRECTED.

• Critical violation 3-501.16: The prep cooler beside the white reach-in freezer was not maintaining potentially hazardous foods at 41°F or below. The temperatures of some potentially hazardous foods being held in the cooler were as follows: sliced cheese 56°F, pepperoni 53°F, sliced turkey 56°F. The ambient air temperature of the cooler was 53°F. Potentially hazardous foods must be maintained at 41°F or below or 135°F or above. The kitchen manager discarded all food being held in the cooler. RE-INPSECTION REQUIRED.


659 NW Blue Pkwy.

• Critical violation 3-501.16: Make table cooler behind the cashiers station had an ambient air temperature of 55°F verified by thermocouple. The following potentially hazardous foods internal temperatures were as follows: chicken cooked 52°F-55°F, chicken salad mix 55°F and, blue cheese crumbles 52°F - 55°F. All PHF's were DISCARDED - RE-INSPECTION REQUIRED.


650 NW Blue Pkwy.

• Critical violation 3-701.11: Cases of concentrated lemon juice in the walk-in cooler had mold on the tops of the bottles and on the cases were they were stored - CORRECTED on site (DISCARDED).


1800 NW Chipman Rd.

• Critical violation 3-301.11: An employee was observed touching ready to eat flour tortillas with bare hands - CORRECTED by discarding the tortillas.

• Critical violation 4-601.11: Numerous pans on the clean equipment shelf had food residue on the interior - CORRECTED by re-cleaning pans.


Kitchen/Italian/Chinese/Salad Bar

310 SW Ward

• Critical violation 4-601.11: There was a large amount of water and food debris in a clean utensil bin in the salad bar prep area - CORRECTED.

• Critical violation 7-201.11: Burner fuel cans were stored on a rack directly above bags of bread. Chemical spray bottle was observed on a shelf next to cleaned food pans. Both were corrected on site by moving the chemicals to an approved location.

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