Clean up time

July 24, 2013 

In my daughter’s infinite wisdom, clearly, running along the sidewalk in downtown Lee’s Summit, picking up rocks and stopping at each fountain is far more entertaining than actually picking up a few pieces of trash.

And I suppose I can’t say I blame her. We’d all probably be a little happier if we splashed in a fountain once or twice a day. Or just ran down a sidewalk like crazy. Or stopped to hug a potted plant.

A few days ago, Addy joined me and some other downtowners to do a little clean up around our streets.

Generally speaking, our downtown Lee’s Summit is pretty pristine.

There aren’t mounds of trash in the alleyways, our curbs aren’t loaded with garbage and, save the occasional beer bottle, we have a pretty good looking area.

This week, though, we are hoping to put our best face forward downtown as 100 members of other downtown organizations throughout Missouri converge on Lee’s Summit for the annual state conference and tonight’s Show-Me Bash, which we are hosting right here.

Our fellow downtown friends will be pounding the pavement and shopping, checking out our vibe and even entertained with the popular walking performance of Cellular Cenes.

So in preparation, we cleaned up a bit. And, of course, I thought it would be wise to bring my soon-to-be 3-year-old daughter along for the experience.

Trash was nearly as entertaining as seeing her image in the windows of our downtown shops and constantly getting distracted by dogs, rocks, people or just random items.

I would rein her in, ask for help and she would, briefly, before the barrage of questions would begin anew.

This is our latest thing – nonstop questions. Which, to me, is highly amusing. I can seemingly answer her silly queries with equally inane answers.

At one point, someone passed and asked me what I thought about the new “chicken” rule in Lee’s Summit. We shared a laugh and moved on. But Addy was inquisitive.

“Chickens, dada? Why?”

“Well sweetie, people can have chickens now in Lee’s Summit…”


“Well, they just can. So they can have eggs and stuff.”


“Well, because (clears throat) this is America.”

“No it’s not. It’s Lee’s Summit.”

Touché little one.

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