Lee’s Summit to consider new car dealership and development ordinance revisions

rpulley@lsjournal.comJuly 24, 2013 

The City Council is scheduled to go over its goals and strategies for Lee’s Summit at its regular meeting this week, in addition to several public hearings.

One of the more discussed hearings for July 25 at City Hall is the Missouri 150 Corridor overlay. It is a continuation of a process well underway. The council has already approved the overlay on the area around Missouri 150 and Missouri 291, and the next vote extends it west to the city limit.

The entire overlay has been discussed, revised and the subject of public meetings over many months.

Bob McKay, director of community development, said the main reason for splitting approval of the overlay was to spread out the cost of mailings to residents who were entitled to legal notice.

The extension has the same provisions as the overlay already in place, allowing for a greater mix of uses and calling for “sustainable” features that include items like rain gardens, bike trails or options for solar power.

It doesn’t require specific sustainable features, but allows developers to choose from a menu until it reaches a minimum score set by the Unified Development Ordinance.

It would allow for mixed uses such as commercial with residential apartments above, not unlike downtown Lee’s Summit and other combinations.

McKay said the city is positioning itself for a trend among younger and older people who want residences where they can walk or bicycle to work, shopping or entertainment.

Public hearings and other issues on the agenda include:

• Amendment to the Unified Development Ordinance adjusting regulations for signs and allowing more taverns downtown and in the Missouri 150 Corridor.

• An ordinance changing zoning at John Knox Village to allow building an assisted-living facility at the retirement community at Pryor and Chipman roads.

• A special-use permit and development plan for a Volkswagen dealership at 2225 NE Independence Ave.

The council goals to be discussed include attracting and retaining “knowledge-based employers” and improving development and maintenance of infrastructure, preservation of residential developments and “embrace a culture that promotes aggressive and bold decision making.”

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