Promoting Lee’s Summit

July 26, 2013 

As weeks go for the overall image of Lee’s Summit, this one has to be near the top.

First, President Barack Obama gave us a shout out as partners in the innovative Innovation Campus partnership between the University of Central Missouri and the R-7 School District.

The same day, Downtown Lee’s Summit Main Street got the ultimate showcase with 100 fellow downtowners from around Missouri here for an evening away from the annual state conference to check out what our area has to offer.

All in all, I would say that’s a pretty darn good week.

City and business leaders need to harness this energy. Immediately.

As our branding process never really ends – and we are still most likely very early in that process – these types of events should be seen as a call to action, a gentle nudge and reminder of what Lee’s Summit is and what we continue to grow into.

The national spotlight naturally follows the President anywhere he goes.

When it became clear he was heading to Missouri, of course, all media ears in this vicinity perk up.

The talking points in government lately have included student loans, education and funding. And of course, each has its own rallying cry.

I made the choice to take out student loans to complete my degree. Millions of other kids make the same choice.

But what I didn’t have access to was an intense introduction of college courses in high school.

The Missouri Innovation Campus offers a unique opportunity for students to finish college and dive head first into the workforce. That’s a program seemingly anyone can get behind.

Another rally point in Lee’s Summit is our gem of a downtown.

When the Missouri Main Street conference converged on Kansas City this week, Downtown Lee’s Summit Main Street’s Trisha Drape, Sarah Shore and Stacy Brandt helped organize a an evening bash for downtown representatives from across the state as we continue to not only seek but execute the best ways to showcase our downtown.

Ben Martin’s Cellular Cenes took center stage again. And the crowd of like-minded downtowners shopped and ate.

My hope is all city council representatives and those wishing to seek office take note of these significant events.

We’re on the map and we need to not only shout loud enough for all to hear, but taking positive steps forward that keep us in the spotlight.

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