Time to find candidates

July 31, 2013 

Randy Rhoads has verbalized his intention to re-seek the mayor’s office in Lee’s Summit.

And now downtown attorney Tim Denker has made his announcement to seek what will be an open position in District 2.

Let the election season begin.

With these announcements, other city leaders are put on notice.

And beyond that, all of Lee’s Summit should hear this message: we need capable and dependable business and civic leaders to seriously consider running for Lee’s Summit City Council.

Next April, four seats (and the mayor’s) will be on the ballot.

While we have heard a few names thrown about as "interested" in running, the only one to put his name in the paper so far is Denker.

Denker’s declaration should serve notice to anyone considering running that now is the time to start thinking about it.

Each city election cycle, seemingly, many people articulate the need attract the city’s best and brightest to get on the ballot.

And while we have succeeded in drawing out some new candidates, there are many, many more good and viable contenders out there.

For business owners, running and winning a city council seat is bruising prospect. I get that.

But serving the city at a critical time has to outweigh those trepidations.

We are about to vote on half our council and mayor at a time when we have a litany of issues that are going to be at our door: a revised downtown master plan, 291/50 highways, business retention, tax base and many other topics among them.

We need council members that are deft at navigating those waters, can make quick, firm and good decisions and not drag Lee’s Summit into the muck of building colors and chickens.

If those names are floating through the Lee’s Summit stratosphere, it’s time to isolate them and get them to commit to serving on the city council.

It is in no way exaggeration to say this upcoming city election is the most crucial topic our city has right now.

John Beaudoin is the publisher of the Lee’s Summit Journal. To comment, call 816-282-7001 or e-mail jbeaudoin@lsjournal.com.

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