August 16, 2013 

down lowenstein road

at ditch edge

a gray and

black striped



tail quivering

back feet poised

to pounce




i walk on


next evening

he is patrolling


a causal saunter

when i approach

he crouches

ready to protect

his turf

i greet him


he replies

did you know

there is gold


in those

old caves


the interstate

a little critter

told me

last night

before i

ate him

so much

for being

saved by


he continues

cole younger

left it before

he got religion

now they plan

to steal the loot

collapse the caves

erase all traces

cat is going

over there

to look around

thought i saw

the james brothers

at a chamber meeting

this morning

they moved

the gold

years ago

from beneath

a loose stone wall

built by slaves

on bone hill

up toward levasy

now a car

sets paused on

the view high

exit ramp

ready to run

cat down

when he tries

to cross

the highway

that state fair

clown incident

was staged

to divert attention

of course

this is fiction

based on

a few facts

cat caves clown

bone hill

atop which

a beautiful

cemetery view

makes the missouri

i love



Hubert Neth, a United Methodist pastor, has been contributing to the Journal for more than 20 years.

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