Missouri may require additional permitting for rock quarrying at Pryor Road and I-470

rpulley@lsjournal.comAugust 23, 2013 

  • 30 Number of days in which the Missouri Department of Natural Resources wants a reply about proposed rock quarrying in Lee’s Summit

Opponents of proposed rock quarrying at Pryor Road and Interstate 470 are hoping Missouri will stop the project, event though the Lee’s Summit City Council did not.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources, this week, sent a letter to Flip Short asking him to submit application forms for a land reclamation permit or notify the MDNR why Family Ranch LLC is exempt for permits for mining it proposes at 2001 NW Quarry Park Road.

The letter from Kevin Mohammadi, director of the DNR’s Land Reclamation Program, asked for a reply in 30 days if Short “...has no plans operate a commercial mine site...” and warns him of possible fines of $50 to $1,000 for every day a mine is in operation without permits.

On Aug. 15, the City Council voted to give businessman Flip Short a 10-year special use permit to quarry rock on 70 acres, doing business as Family Ranch LLC.

Short’s plan is to remove rock from the cap of an undermined area, taking out valuable rock in the mine’s roof, dropping the level to bedrock in about 10-acre sections and back filling the site. Then, Short says, area eventually could be developed.

Opponents fear the effects of blasting on their homes and the greater stability of the undermined area, and contend that dust and truck traffic from the operation will be a nuisance.

Short’s development team said it has all the necessary permits, including those from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Owners Rod Gravitt and Melody Gillette said they’ve been calling and corresponding with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. They said answers they’ve gotten indicate an additional permit is needed for the quarry.

They contend that Family Ranch LLC only has a permit for removing dirt or trees, not quarrying rock, and raised the question during the public hearings.

Christine Bushyhead, a lawyer for Family Ranch LLC, following the council’s vote, said in an interview that the company can crush rock under a permit already held by Thomas Crushing, which is working with Short. She said the permit could be easily be transferred to another site.

Gena Terlizzi, communications director for the MDNR said that the Thomas Crushing permits can be amended for extending work at the company’s present site (which is not at the proposed quarry at 2001 Quarry Park Road in Lee’s Summit). Moving to a different location might require more hearings and a permit from the Land Reclamation Commission, she said, but many factors come into play within the regulations to determine what will be required.

Terlizzi said once an application form is received from Family Ranch the department will begin a public notification process.

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