Years Ago

August 30, 2013 

73 years ago

August 1940

Some boys consider it bad luck to have one sister, but consider the case of the one boy in the Ruben Duke family of Lone Jack. The one son in the Duke family now can count on having eleven sisters to help boss him, for the birth of twin girls in the Duke family makes eleven. The twins were born at the Jackson County Emergency Hospital. The mother is 29 years old.

57 years ago

August 1956

Harry S. Truman, former president of the United States, was in Lee’s Summit for the Jackson County Fair. During the fair a “Harry S. Truman Appreciation Night” was held to honor the former president.

20 years ago

August 1993

The 19th Amendment was passed Aug. 19, 1920. Women in the country now had a right to vote. With the vote also came the right to assume the responsibilities of candidates. Lee’s Summit has four active women in local politics. When Karen Messerli was elected city alderman four years ago, she was the only woman on board. She was the first woman to run in 20 years. Messerli, who is the first Mayor Pro Tem, said that she had not experienced any discrimination. Lee’s Summit Alderman Kay Ford says women have a long, long way to go in the political arena. Before her retirement, Ford taught American Government at Lee’s Summit High School. She said that her election to serve as a city alderman helped her students to see women as a political power. Chere Chaney is the newest woman on the Lee’s Summit Board of Aldermen. Chaney said that natural feminine characteristic is that of "peacemaker" and her hope is that women in office will use that skill. Dixie Courtney, the chairman of the Eighth District Democratic Committee says that there is a difference between a woman getting into politics and a man getting into politics to make a change for the better-not at career or a position.

Complied from the files of the Journal by Jim Carpenter

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