Dancin’ shoes

September 13, 2013 

Addy’s first dance class will go down as quite the event.

In fact, it wasn’t even intended to happen. But, as with many things involving a soon-to-be-3-year-old, you could plan an extensive jewel heist easier than trying to map out how things will happen with a toddler.

Case in point: dance class.

For months, I had planned to put Addy into some kind of dance/tumbling type of class in Lee’s Summit. Having known Phyllis Balagna for many years, I opted to check in to her longstanding business, Steppin’ Out.

As many of us milled about the dance studio last week, sending our congrats to Miss Phyllis for 25 years and watching some well orchestrated routines played out by some of her young, talented students, it finally dawned on me – why not just bring Addy by the place today?

Looking over the fall schedule, yep, classes start, well, tonight. No better time to have her jump in feet first.

Of course, when she arrived in the back of grandma’s SUV, the little princess was sound asleep.

I knew I risked waking a sleeping baby and walking her into a building she didn’t recognize. It was a gamble.

Addy woke up just enough to be cognizant of her surroundings, but she didn’t immediately take the whole idea, instead, zeroing in on the cookies and punch placed out for the anniversary celebration.

Eventually, we made our way into the 5:15 p.m. class where we watched from the side as little girls in tutus hopped, jumped, danced and clapped. Addy was increasingly intrigued.

After a quick exit to secure her own tutu and shoes, she returned and went straight to the tumbling mat, offering her hand up to volunteer to do the “bear crawl” and other activities.

And just like that, our first class was in the books.

The complimentary sucker after the class just topped off a wonderful evening.

I really was proud of my daughter for jumping in and taking part. Seeing her twirl and dance was pretty amazing.

Now the next challenge: remove myself from the room during class.


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