Jackson County health code violations for the week of Sept. 16

Critical food violations found by the health department

September 20, 2013 


1000 NE Sam Walton Ln.

• Critical violation 7-102.11: A spray bottle was observed in the cake decorating area without the name of its content. CORRECTED, on site.


500 SW Longview Road

• Critical violation 4-602.11: Deposits were observed to be present on clean stainless steel pans. Better cleaning of these items is needed. CORRECTED during this inspection.


209 SE Main St.

• Critical violation 7-201.11: Propane torches were stored horizontally directly above food items and next to single use items. CORRECTED by moving propane torches to storage area away from food and single service and single use items.


1800 SW State Rt. 150

• Critical violation 7-201.11: Chemicals were observed to be stored over the clean drain board and sanitizing sink at the three compartment sink. CORRECTED during this inspection.


711 SE 291 Hwy.

• Critical violation 3-501.17: Several ready to eat foods were not properly labeled with its content and consume by dates. CORRECTED.

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