All the world’s a stage

Lee's Summit JournalOctober 23, 2013 

I’ve written before about my introduction to the world of theater at a young age, deftly performing the role of Pontius Pilate during a Christmas service back at the old Catholic Church.

From there, I watched my brother Tom take on some memorable roles at William Chrisman High School.

I would follow a few years later, mainly staying behind the scenes to help with the “heavy lifting” of a production.

I actually did appear on stage twice in my life – once in high school in “The Mystery of the Black Abbott” – and again in college, as an English bobby in “Angel Street.”

Both were non-speaking roles, thank goodness.

Now, I head back to the stage this weekend in the name of community theater – specifically the Summit Theatre Group.

In its first foray into dinner theater, Ben Martin’s group will be performing Oct. 24-27 at The Stanley in downtown Lee’s Summit.

Dinner and a play for $32.

Oh, and if you come on the final day of the performance, Oct. 27, you get yours truly and Downtown Lee’s Summit Main Street Executive Director Trisha Drape.

That’s right – we’ll be performing “Love Letters” that day.

The play follows the lifelong relationship between a man and woman, told strictly through the letters they write to each other.

So, good news for this former techie – no lines to memorize.

Now, if I can just manage to not stumble over my words.

Trisha and I haven’t rehearsed much. I mean, come on. We were born to read each other love letters. They just roll off our tongue like an Andrea Bocelli sonnet.

Committing to community theater was somewhere between being a little less frightening than dancing with fellow chamber members and more terrifying than jumping into lake of freezing water in January. (Hint: I’ve agreed to do one of these things in the next two months.).

And really, who wouldn’t want to come out and see two people that are usually locked in a snarky, sarcastic-laden conversation read love letters to each other?

Get your tickets at any HyVee in Lee’s Summit for any of the shows.

The “real” actors go Oct. 24-26 at 7:30 p.m. (dinner starts at 6); Trisha and I go Oct. 27 at 5 p.m. (dinner at 3:30 after the Chiefs’ game).

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. And you won’t believe what you are hearing. It’ll be memorable.


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