Stealing the scene at the Gamber Center

October 25, 2013 

Visit the Gamber Center from Oct. 24 through Jan. 16 to view a selection of local artist Shawn Beelman’s amazing photographs.

Visitors can expect to enjoy a collection of amazing photographs spanning over 30 years of Shawn’s work including landscapes from the mountains of Colorado and Washington, the deserts of Arizona, the North and South Carolina coastal regions, and the plains of the midwest. During the visit, patrons might view a mountain range captured in photograph, or a magnified picture of an insect or flower.

Shawn lives in Lee’s Summit, but has clients all over the country. He says it all started when his parents bought him his first camera for his 12th birthday. A full time graphic designer since 1991, he has maintained his passion for photography and has continued to develop his skill. “My photography allows me to connect with the natural world” and in macro-photography he adds “these photographs allow us to appreciate those things that we might normally just walk by, like a tiny insect or a flower. Sometimes the camera will show us details that we can’t even see with the naked eye.”

With the days scheduled to the fullest and filled with phone calls, conference calls, video-conference calls, then soccer practice, dance class, and homework people sometimes forget the things that keep them in balance. Art is one of those things. Spend a few minutes in front of these photographs. Visitor’s brains will appreciate not only the wonderful photos themselves, but also the times spent in reflection. They might actually get to just “stop and think.”

This exhibit is sponsored by the Lee’s Summit Arts Council whose primary mission is to advocate for and promote the arts and the arts community in Lee’s Summit. It is free to the public.

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