100th Anniversary in the works for Longview Chapel

November 5, 2013 

The Longview Chapel Christian Church, established in 1915, is planning its 100th anniversary but has a problem and would like Lee’s Summit area residents’ help.

There’s a wealth of information about Longview Farm, but there were sparse records at the chapel about its history.

At one point membership dwindled to where the congregation in the 1960’s wondered if it would survive, by it’s revived but current members don’t have much knowledge of the history, said Betty Dalrymple, historical chairperson.

R.A. Long built the chapel for families living and working there, and is served as a schoolhouse Loula Long Combs, a famous heir of R.A. Long who built Longview Farm mentioned it in a book. “Exactly one paragraph, six lines about the church...that’s what we’re running into,” Dalrymple said.

The congregation would like to print a pamphlet about the chapel’s history, so Dalrymple is hoping someone in the community has stories, memories, photos or other artifacts from the church that can help fill in gaps.

Dalrymple asks anyone who can help to contact her at 816-524-6549 or call the church at 816-763-6290.

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