Highland Park students raise money for playground equipment

November 6, 2013 


Two students at Highland Park Elementary School recently worked together to raise money for playground equipment through a fundraiser they developed called Crafts for Kickballs.

“As we were playing kickball at recess we noticed the kickballs were lopsided and would not roll straight,” said fundraiser organizers Katelyn Ravasini and Allison McCord, students at the school who initiated the fundraiser. “So instead of complaining and getting frustrated we decided to be proactive and do something about it. Our goal was to synergize with our class to solve the problem.”

Katelyn and Allison first talked to Janie Taylor, their fourth-grade teacher, who advised them to develop a plan, keep the end in mind and determine the financial aspects of making a product and a profit from its sales.

“This turned out to be a good idea,” the girls said. “As we were working through the ideas we had to think win-win so our project would work.”

After finalizing their plan to sell sports bracelets and duct tape bows, Katelyn and Allison met with Jodi Mallette, the school’s principal.

“She had to think for a little bit, and we were really nervous,” the girls explained. “Finally she said yes. We were really excited. Then we had to go home and make flyers and order form, so Mrs. Mallette could approve. Then we had to show her what the bracelets looked like and she loved them.”

Katelyn and Allison then presented the idea to their fourth-grade class, taking orders the next day. The bows were 50 cents, and the bracelets were $3, and almost everyone in the class bought one.

“We had to make sure we put first things first and didn’t do this during class time,” the girls added. “We had to take orders during our recess time.”

With the orders complete, the girls made the crafts over the weekend and on a Monday afternoon. “Everyone was so excited to wear their new bracelets and bows!” they added. “We sold 29 bracelets and six bows and made $53.50.”

The money purchased six kickballs and two soccer balls for the school.

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