Our plans aren’t the same as God’s

Lee's Summit JournalNovember 22, 2013 

Our plans aren’t the same as God’s. Wow, have we learned that lesson.

What I’ve not shared with many up till now is that Don and I had a plan. Our plan was for him to retire, invest his retirement and he was going to start a new career. Sept. 10, Don turned 55. He also qualified for full retirement.

He’s been with his company for 30 years. In this day and age that just doesn’t happen. He worked his way up in the company. From a kid straight out of the Army, to a mechanic, then management, to today, his last day of work, vice president. Yes, today is Don’s last day of work. He is going on short term disability. It will be an opportunity for us to spend more time together.

My husband is a rock. He’s always been there for me, our girls and our families. To say that this cancer thing has rocked our world is an understatement. But through it we have been given many blessings. A dear friend who is a photographer asked to take our family photos. Many have seen some of them already on Facebook. Such an incredible blessing!

Food has been brought by so many. I’ve gained almost 10 pounds. I didn’t know how many great cooks I knew. We are so drained from work and treatments. It has been a blessing to not have to worry about dinner.

Another friend is blessing us with a home inspection so we can add that to our listing. One more thing that buyers won’t have to question. And yet another friend and her daughter blessed us with tickets to a concert, with a meet and greet the artists included!

I am in such awe of the blessings our friends and the community have been to us. It is hard for me sometimes to get out of bed. To put one foot in front of the other. I try not to look too far into my future. But when I stop and just reflect on God and His plan, how can I not see the power and beauty through these blessings? He is showing me daily, sometimes minute by minute that His plan will be perfect.


Jet Pabst is the owner of A Thyme for Everything is located in Downtown Lee’s Summit at 229B SE Main Street. www.athymeforeveryth ing.com

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