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Big brother is watching

November 22, 2013 

Dear Editor,

Every automobile trip you make in Lee’s Summit is now monitored by automatic police high-speed license plate readers and saved in a database in undisclosed location somewhere outside of Washington, DC. The police record where you bank, where you go to church, where you shop, where you buy your beer, who your friends are, if you visit any gun shops, if you stay at local motels, if your friends are at the same motel as you, what restaurants you visit, and when and where you visit a hospital or medical clinic.

You may think “I am not doing anything wrong. I am glad the police are protecting me.” That’s what Lee’s Summit resident Ted White thought. A corrupt Lee’s Summit Police Officer, Richard McKinley, conspired with Ted White’s wife, Tina, to send Ted White to a brutal prison for over six years so he could marry Tina and share in Ted White’s assets. Ted White is finally out of prison, thanks to the Midwestern Innocent Project (MIP) and hard work by University of Missouri–Kansas City Law School Dean Ellen Suni, board member of MIP.

The outrageous conduct of the Lee’s Summit Police Department and the former Lee’s Summit Mayor cost the Lee’s Summit taxpayers over $15 million in punitive damages for compensation to Ted White. Corrupt Police Officer Richard McKinley continued to wear a Lee’s Summit Police Department badge and gun for over two years after McKinley’s misconduct was exposed.

The current city council members all voted for the automatic police high-speed license plate readers and data retention program. Do you support the license plate readers? You think you are not doing anything wrong? You think the Lee’s Summit police are protecting you with the license plate readers? Think again. Ask Ted White.

Bob Gough

Lee’s Summit

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