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Lee's Summit JournalNovember 27, 2013 

This just in – President Barack Obama isn’t polling well. That’s a first for him.

And he can thank the botched healthcare website rollout for that.

Last week, Obama’s numbers came out swinging against a President that has largely been able to avoid such negative feedback.

An average of seven national polls, from Fox to ABC News to Gallup, showed Obama with a 40.6 approval rating versus a 54.9 disapproval rating.

And the bad news doesn’t stop there.

A slight majority, 50-47, tell ABC that Obama is not a "strong" leader. Even more insulting to the second-term Democrat is this little nugget: in the poll, if given the chance to vote again for the 2012 tickets (Romney vs. Obama), voters swung 49-45 percent in favor of Romney.

Now, polling and actual voting are two different animals. We know that.

In 2012, the two candidates were less than 1 point away from each other in aggregated national polling. But Obama won by several points.

And voters tend to get real fickle around this time of time, notably a mid-term election of a second-term president. This happens regardless of party.

Still, Obama’s bad numbers are going to likely spell bad news for the Democrats in 2014. If the Republicans remember their history, that is.

In a more stunning number, 70 percent of those polled told ABC News that the county was "seriously off track," which is up 13 points since May the highest number in two years.

Of course, Obamacare could be the biggest culprit to these flailing numbers.

The public opposes the law 57 to 40, if you believe the polls, which would be the highest negative margin to date.

Voters are telling pollsters the rollout was substandard and even 44 percent say Obama "intentionally mislead" Americans when he promised "if you like your policy, you can keep it."

Much of this will come to no surprise to voters.

But when have we had enough of shoddy leadership in our Senate, House and White House?

Here’s a number – 8.9 percent of the average polled approve of jobs their congressmen and women are doing; 85.1 percent disapprove.

That, folks, is downright ugly. And worse, that has very little to do with a healthcare law and everything to do with longstanding, below-average representation.

Someone, find us a sane Libertarian or third party to get behind. Quickly.


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