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I’m glad “big brother” is watching

November 29, 2013 

Dear Editor,

I am not a statistician but I believe there are more criminals out there wanting to steal from me than rogue police officers who might want to steal my wife or property.

If one believes that a majority of police have hidden agendas of a criminal nature against the general public rather than protecting the general public’s welfare, then there may be some other country that provides a safer haven than the U.S.A. Please seek a visa promptly. I really sleep better in my bed, knowing that “big brother” is awake and watching out for me.

Lee’s Summit has said the plate numbers seen by the police car video can be compared with databases with lists of criminals. If there is a “hit,” they can look up information related to who that person is and proceed as necessary. If the video catches a citizen’s plate number in front of a place he/she would rather not anyone knew about, there are no consequences as long as that plate does not appear in the criminal database. That plate number alone may be stored (without the citizen’s name) for a determined time until erased. If later that citizen was suspected of committing some crime, wouldn’t’ it be nice if the plate database could be searched (with a proper warrant) to determine the suspects whereabouts? It might even provide an alibi for whatever was being investigated.

The internet provides information about nearly everyone, even things that some people might not like being disclosed, like knowing that the corner house on a certain cul-de-sac has a large rock placed beside the driveway as viewed in Google maps.

Personal addresses are also ready available to most people, even the crank that disagrees with an opinion and could easily come by and perhaps throw toilet paper in one’s tree. Would it be wrong to identify that crank before he does harm? There was a special about Scotland Yard on television a while back describing how they apprehended a gang by watching suspected gang members movements, planning a robbery, using all the video camera’s available in the UK. Is that “big brother” or just good police work using current day technology?

I feel sorry for all the people obsessed with negative feelings about “big brother.” How can they sleep comfortably at night knowing there is a police officer out patrolling the area near their house and place of business all night and day? (Perhaps videoing the plate of the car parked down the street with the “shady character” inside).

Steve Nicholson,

Lee’s Summit

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