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Winter weather public safety message

December 4, 2013 

Dear Editor,

With the cold weather coming in like a lion this year, we at Lee’s Summit Underwater Rescue & Recovery would like to remind everybody about the dangers of ice forming on local ponds, lakes and waterways. Driving around for the past couple of days we have noticed the formation of ice on local area ponds and lakes. And before we have any ice incidents this year please be advised that the ice that is forming now is not safe to be on.

Most experts agree that ice needs to be at least 4 inches thick before going out to play on any ice. Also as ice forms it is generally thicker in the middle than around the edges of the pond or lake. Parents are cautioned to be extremely watchful of your children as most young children will venture out on the ice to retrieve a toy or try to rescue a family pet that has fallen through. In the case of animals falling through the ice please stay off the ice and call the professionals. If the animal falls through the ice then it is a sure thing the ice cannot support your weight either.

If any organizations would like a water / ice safety briefing please call Lee’s Summit Underwater Rescue & Recovery at 816-525-9555 and we would love to come out and talk to your school, youth group or organization.

Bill Feller

Diver / Team Secretary

Lee’s Summit Underwater Rescue & Recovery

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