LS convenience store reports call from ‘scammer’

December 4, 2013 

A recent call to a local convenience store has caused the owner and manager there to help get the word out about an ongoing scam.

A manager at Sunny’s BP at 825 N.E. Rice Rd. in Lee’s Summit called the Journal Dec. 3 to inform the public of a call the business received regarding a purported delinquent payment to Kansas City Power and Light, although the business is current with its account.

In May KCP&L issued a warning to residential and small business customers of a scam where scammers were calling and notifying customers they are past due on their bills and that payment is necessary immediately in order to avoid being disconnected. They are also giving specific instructions including, but not limited to, payment types like Green Dot or other prepaid debit cards from drugstores like CVS and Walgreens.

The calls are not associated with KCP&L, a spokesperson for the utility giant said Dec. 3

According to KCP&L, if customers receive calls similar to this, they are encouraged not to render payment without ensuring the recipient is an actual representative of KCP&L. Also, never give credit card, debit card, Social Security, ATM, checking or savings account numbers to anyone who comes to your home, calls, texts and/or sends an e-mail requesting this information without also verifying the person is with KCP&L.

Customers should also never allow anyone into their homes, unless an appointment has been scheduled and the technician has proper KCP&L identification.

If you feel you have been a victim of this scam please work with your local law enforcement agency to report the crime. Additionally, if you are suspicious of anyone collecting information on KCP&L’s behalf, call the KCP&L Customer Contact Center at 1-888-471-5275, prior to supplying personal or payment information.

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