Yost brothers get their bucks

December 4, 2013 

It was a proud day for a deer-hunting father.

On a single day during Missouri youth firearms season, brothers Aaron and A.J. Yost, of Lee’s Summit, each shot bucks.

They are the sons of Andy Yost, who pro staff member of a web-based show called Midwest Whitetail.

Yost took his youngest son Aaron out the opening morning in hopes of Aaron finally getting his first buck. He harvested does the previous three years.

Andy’s father, Bill Yost, had built a new ground stand that looks like a hay bale on his farm in Daviess County. They had seen a buck they call “Hooks” quite a bit and knew there would be a good chance he would show up. Shortly after getting into the stand, Yost spotted a nice buck walking on the edge of a cut cornfield a couple hundred yards away. He started using calls to mimic grunts and snorts made by bucks and it came running. About 75 yards away the buck stopped and turned broadside. Aaron took aim and dropped him with a single shot from his .30-30 rifle. It was indeed Hooks, a nice two and a half year old whitetail buck.

That afternoon it was AJ’s turn to hunt. After a couple hours after sitting in a blind at another field, they saw a buck nicknamed “Bent Beam” but it slipped away before A.J. could pull the trigger. Does and younger bucks continued to feed in field, and the hunters were running out of daylight when finally an older 10-point buck stepped into view, stopping 100 yards away. A.J.’s shot rang out, and that buck bounded towards the blind. Now 60 yards away, A.J. reloaded the rifle and dropped the buck with his second shot.

“Normally it’s difficult to get one of my boys a buck every year,” Yost writes, “But two in the same day is a heck of an accomplishment. It’s nice when a well thought out plan comes together.”

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