R-7 initiates educational cost recovery program

December 11, 2013 

The Lee’s Summit R-7 School District is continuing its long-running efforts to ensure that district resources are effectively used to deliver the best education for students who meet residency requirements to attend R-7 schools.

The school district has worked with its families over the last decade to strengthen residency procedures with families asked to provide proof of residency at the beginning of each school year.

During 2013-14, the district also hired a residency investigator who works to determine that students attending R-7 schools meet residency requirements. Much of this investigative work was previously conducted by school principals and assistant principals. The addition of the residency investigator allows these school leaders to focus more time on school administration and student learning.

With the help of the new residency investigator, Lee’s Summit R-7 recently initiated procedures to recover educational costs for students who have been determined to have attended R-7 schools while not in compliance with residency requirements. If a current student is determined to have been enrolled in the district while non-compliant with residency requirements, families will be billed for the costs of educating the student based on the length of time that the student attended Lee’s Summit R-7 schools. District staff members will work to pursue the recovery of these educational costs, taking legal action when deemed necessary.

Lee’s Summit R-7 families continue to support the district’s residency efforts by both providing proof of residency each year and by contacting the district office to report students who appear to be non-compliant with residency requirements.

If you believe a student may be attending an R-7 school while non-compliant with residency requirements, please contact the Stansberry Leadership Center at 816-986-1000.

For additional information about the R-7 School District’s residency requirements, visit http://www.lsr7.org/parents/enroll/proof-of-residency-within-r-7-school-district-boundaries/.

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