Newsmakers, making a difference

Lee's Summit JournalDecember 13, 2013 

We figured if Time Magazine can do it each, why not us, right?

The Lee’s Summit Journal on Dec. 27 will not only roll out our Top 10 Stories of 2013, but we will also announce our 2013 Newsmaker of the Year and our Making a Difference Award winner for 2013.

While narrowing down two individuals or organizations is a monumental task, I believe we’re up for the challenge. And it is never a bad time of year to recognize and report on those that make Lee’s Summit a better, stronger and more enjoyable community.

We will be looking around every corner of our city – from businesses to healthcare, education to community leaders – to find our nominee.

Of course, as part of community journalism and as the newspaper of record in Lee’s Summit, we always want to do our part to recognize those around town that make a difference, either through volunteerism, education and in many other ways.

We could fill our newspaper twice a week with the tremendous stories of the people and businesses that make this town move. And we often do.

But just as organizations, on occasion, single out those that go above and beyond, we will make a point of making that recognition as well.

Before Dec. 27, though, I would like your feedback.

We’re fortunate to live in an age of such instant communication. And this is a case when the immediate responses and opinions very much come in handy.

Drop us a line via e-mail, on the phone, Facebook or even good old fashion U.S. Mail and us know who you think is the Lee’s Summit Newsmaker of the Year and your vote for people that make the most difference around town.

If you would like to give us some details on your nominations, we may even run those in print when we make our announcement later this month.

It’s your time to brag, boast and share your opinion.

So tell us, who makes the biggest difference in Lee’s Summit?

And who (and why) is the Newsmaker of the Year?


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