December 20, 2013 

Dec. 17


Lee’s Summit 51 William Chrisman 27

106: Skyler Reid, LESU, pinned Adam Olsen, WICH, 4:36. 113: Larry Danforth, WICH, pinned Kevin Foley, LESU, 0:55. 120: Trey Broker, LESU, pinned Anthony Wheeler, WICH, 2:29. 126: Alan Olivas, LESU, pinned Derek Williams, WICH, 4:40. 132: Cartland Allen, LESU, pinned Andrew Bennett, WICH, 1:14. 138: Brandon Butler, WICH, pinned Dillon Chronister, LESU, 1:14. 145: Louis West, WICH, pinned Braden Parrish, LESU, 2:35. 152: Josh Watson, LESU, dec. Shelby Petty, WICH, 10-5. 160: Brady Daniels, LESU, forf. . 170: Josh Wallace, WICH, dec. Juan Castaneda, LESU, 8-3. 182: Dylan Tyson, LESU, received a bye. 195: Nicholas Propst, LESU, received a bye. 220: Ali'I Loyola, LESU, pinned Dustin Cikan, WICH,2:29. 285: Tomasi Tuione, WICH, pinned John Hogan, LESU, 0:41.

Lee’s Summit 51, Liberty North 30

106: Skyler Reid, LESU, received a bye. 113: Kevin Foley, LESU, pinned Dakota Ramsey, LINO, 0:45. 120: Trey Broker, LESU, pinned Cooper Silvester, LINO, 0:50. 126: Alan Olivas, LESU, pinned Carson Armour, LINO, 0:38. 132: Cartland Allen, LESU, pinned Trey Grizzle, LINO, 3:28. 138: Cameron Stenner, LINO, pinned Dillon Chronister, LESU, 1:05. 145: Derrick Haxton, LINO, pinned Braden Parrish, LESU,1:54. 152: Eric White, LINO, pinned Josh Watson, LESU, 5:54. 160: Brady Daniels, LESU, maj. dec. Noah Lambert, LINO, 12-4. 170: Brad Puckett, LESU, pinned Caleb Longley, LINO, 1:26. 182: Juan Castaneda, LESU, tech. fall Hunter Kellgren, LINO,5:13 21-5. 195: Bryce Shepherd, LINO, pinned Nicholas Propst, LESU, 5:24. 220: Ali`I Loyola, LESU, pinned Richardson Daterraion, LINO, 5:48. 285: Alex Fugate, LINO, pinned John Hogan, LESU, 3:01.

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