We (did) get fooled again

Lee's Summit JournalJanuary 8, 2014 

I remember the first time I felt scammed.

It was college, UMKC days, when those friendly credit card people would troll the cafeteria with elaborate setups and free candy bars.

Of course, none of them had a gun to our head. We didn’t have to sign up or fall for their voodoo. But we did.

That’s kind of how I feel the Chiefs treated us this season.

Someone ought to call the Better Business Bureau on these guys.

I liken our defense and defensive coordinator Bob Sutton to those credit card temptresses in college, luring us in with candy and promises of credit lines and nights on the town.

Once they were gone and we had to see the results of our actions, we realized we’d been taken.

I suppose this is where I need to throw in my token "I love the Chiefs" rally cry. Because, as we know from social media, if you say you love your team before you criticize them, then it’s OK to do so.

Personally, I have to use humor, satire and a little terse wit to get through this horrific helping of football the Chiefs have served up to us over the holiday season.

Pass the salt, please. Because this stuff is bland.

In the last eight weeks, the Chiefs not only went 2-6, they gave up 239 points. That’s 30 points a game folks.

This was not what we were sold during the bogus 9-0 start, mind you.

Against some really rotten teams (and with the PR machine in full throttle telling us how awesome we really were) we never let anyone score more than 17 points on us.

Never mind that in the three weeks leading up to the bye week, we defeated three truly atrocious teams – Houston, Cleveland and Buffalo – by only a combined 17 points.

We should have turned in the Chiefs credit card right then.

After the bye, we did nothing beyond play catch up nearly every game. And save a walloping of the Redskins, never had a complete offensive and defensive performance out of our Chiefs.

I’m not sure we had one of those all season, actually.

Maybe the Jacksonville game (28-2 season-opening win). Perhaps the Giants (31-7).

Other than that, either our offense was anemic or our defense was getting fried to pieces by every brand-name and no-name quarterback in the league.

I don’t care that they were 2-14 the year before. Just like I didn’t care about the performance of the team prior to every other year we’ve gone to the playoffs and stunk it up.

This team was selling something it never had.

Let’s hope in 2014 they revise their business practices.


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