A challenge for all believers

Lee's Summit JournalJanuary 10, 2014 

The assignment from my teacher in ninth grade history seemed simple enough. We were to write about the value of studying history. As part of our essay, we were to incorporate at least five quotes from numerous options in history from various historical people. The day after we turned in our papers, the teacher returned them all to us, each with a failing grade. We all made the same mistake – we failed to look into the background of the people we were quoting. The lesson my teacher taught us was not in how to properly pen an essay on history, but to make sure the references we used were worth quoting.

I suppose it’s a fair enough request for you to want to do the same about me. “Who is this new guy writing a column on religion?” “Why should I place any stock into what he says?” The first question I can answer. The second, well, you’ll need to come to your own conclusions on that one.

My name is Jeremy Morris. The majority of my life has been as a Lee’s Summit resident. My family moved down here when I was starting fifth grade and I was blessed to graduate from Lee’s Summit High School back when the years started with a “19” rather than a “20.” My life’s path took me to a few other places in Missouri but eventually I came back to the Lee’s Summit area and made it my home again. This time I had a beautiful wife and the first of three children.

I pay the bills being a chemist but I wear many hats as I imagine is true for most of us. I am a husband, a father, a son, a softball coach, a hunter and a writer to name of few. I am now at the age where there are likely more people alive who are younger than me than older than me. Writing that little fact was about as hard as admitting it.

Above all these though, I am first and foremost a Christian and a simple Christian at that. I don’t hold a degree in Biblical studies and I don’t hold any special position at my home congregation – the church of Christ on Murray Road. In most ways I am just like most of you – a working man who has discovered that the story of Jesus of Nazareth changed my life for the better.

My hope is this column will be beneficial to those who read it. I may use some examples from life to express certain points but the majority of my thoughts will come from the stories and wisdom God provided all of us in the Bible. The goal of all of my columns will be to encourage each of you to mold your life more like Jesus and to be a blessing to all you come into contact with throughout your own life.

I also present to each of you a challenge which may seem a bit odd. I challenge you to look into these things for yourself. Don’t take my word but find your own copy of God’s Word, look into the things I present to you, and convince yourself if they are true. In doing so, you can only make your life better by seeing what God has in mind for his people.


Jeremy Morris, his wife, and children attend the church of Christ in Lee’s Summit. He can be reached at

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