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Lee's Summit JournalJanuary 15, 2014 

When it comes healthcare, we’re not willing to short change our lives or the lives of our loved ones. As I look through the latest healthcare research findings, regarding the consumer health mindset, I couldn’t help but think of the great opportunity Lee’s Summit’s exceptional healthcare businesses have to seize the higher ground during this time of uncertainty, when confusion and chaos dominates the healthcare industry.

Let’s face it, people are not going to just cross their fingers and hope that they or their family members won’t get sick. Unfortunately, in the real world people get sick and accidents happen.

And let’s not forget, we are an aging generation. People continue to grow older and as they do their bodies, like a vintage automobile, require a little more attention and upkeep.

We’re extremely fortunate to live in a community of over 750 healthcare providers covering 60 diverse health and wellness categories including:

Medical Centers.


Physician Practices



Nursing Services

Home Health Care

Surgical Centers

Senior Living


Mental Health/Counseling

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Now would be a great time to effectively communicate the concept of Lee’s Summit being a regional healthcare and wellness community. Our unified healthcare promise, which we can most definitely deliver on includes individuals and families looking to improve their healthcare options and outcome possibilities, Lee’s Summit as a regional home to world-class professionals, dedicated to taking the lead when it comes to cutting-edge research as well as comprehensive and innovative treatment therapies. As a premier regional health and wellness center, we’re dedicated to providing an environment of compassionate patient care, surrounded by the invaluable support of their family, friends and loved ones.

Our messaging needs to effectively engage our audience while propelling Lee’s Summit to top-of-mind status when it come to being a breakout community of health and wellness.

In the words of the World Health Organization; “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Thankfully, it’s all right here in Lee’s Summit.

Yours Truly,


James McKenna is the branding manager for the City of Lee’s Summit. Reach him at

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