Q & A with budding artist Sonya Williams

January 24, 2014 

Williams is a Lee’s Summit North High School graduate that is majoring in art at Saint Louis University.

Q: What kind of medium do you use?

A: I use acrylic and oil paint on canvas and birchwood.

Q: Where are you attending school? What is your major/minor?

A: I am attending Saint Louis University. I have declared a double major in studio art and social work. I plan on getting my masters degree in social work or art therapy following my undergraduate degree.

Q: Who/What gets you inspired to create your art?

A: Almost everything inspires me to create art. Humans, nature, technology- everything. I take a lot of inspiration from people. I love to observe people; I find that the way in which we act and the things we do are so interesting based on different environments and the society we live in. A lot of my work focuses on the figure and portraiture for this very reason.

Q: When did art become a passion for you?

A: I have been creating art for as long as I can remember. It has always been my favorite class throughout my years in school and has always been my passion. I would say I became really serious about art in high school where I was surrounded by influential teachers as well as very talented students. My high school years contributed to my passion by challenging me and exposing me to endless possibilities as an artist.

Q: Why do you think art is important area of study for students?

A: Art is an entirely different, unique language. It is an important area of study because it requires one to think deeply and expand one’s beliefs and ideas, as well as become exposed to the beliefs and ideas of others. The practice of art helps to develop attention to detail and observational skills that can be applied to many other facets of life. Most importantly, art allows a gateway for one to express oneself in an expanding, limitless way.

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