My mocking bird

January 31, 2014 

That kiddo of mine sure has a mind like a steel trap.

If I promise her something, she remembers.

If I tell her the schedule for the day and deviate one iota, she will call me on it.

And, recently, she’s been repeating just about anything she hears and finds even mildly entertaining.

Getting her ready for daycare this week, she was trying to get my attention and belted out a “yoo-hoo” in my direction.

I laughed so hard I couldn’t even answer her. Of course, that reaction ensures she will use that one again and again.

A few days later, I heard my mom use the same phrase to get Addy’s attention. So, at least I can track that one back to someone.

I suddenly am very aware of what is on the radio or spoken over the speaker phone to me while she is in the car as well. One wrong segment of The Johnny Dare Morning Show could elicit an interesting call from her school.

She also has a knack for the silly when it comes to repeating things, which I have noticed when she is in large crowds and puts on that very rare shy face.

She will hear something or experience something goofy – sometimes from me, of course – and, like a good comedian, wait until the timing is just right to pull that one out.

Perhaps my favorite “Addy’s developing brain” moments recently, though, have come from her uncanny ability to hear a nursery rhyme song and repeat it back. And, usually, she gets most of the words right.

Be it “Muffin Man” or “Ba, Ba Black Sheep,” Addy seems to connect immediately with these tunes.

Even more entertaining is when I catch her humming them in the back seat, or inserting her own set of words to the tune of one of these classics, as in a few weeks ago when I got the “I want chocolate pudding song” to the tune of “Old McDonald.”

And when the standard nursery rhymes are not available, I can always revert to Daft Punk, Lorde or Frank Sinatra. Addy enjoys a wide range of tunes.

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