Dance the night away

February 4, 2014 

OK, now that the Van Halen version of this song is stuck in your head, you may be a little distracted while reading my latest story of Addy.

When I spotted the e-mail from our Lee’s Summit Parks and Recreation department about the upcoming “father-daughter dance” I was immediately intrigued.

An event where I can go and dance with my still young-enough-to-not-be-embarrassed-of-me 3-year old? Yes, sign us up.

I spent the last few weeks preparing Addy for the event, reminding her every chance I could that “we are going to a dance together, are you ready?”

She always responded with an enthusiastic “yes” to that one.

When we arrived at the Gamber Center for the big event, the crazy kid could hardly stand still. Earlier in the day, during a visit to HyVee, Addy and I were, for some reason, belting out “oh Mickey, you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind…hey Mickey! Hey Mickey.” I don’t know how that got started but it made for an entertaining jaunt through the store.

As Addy pranced down the red carpet (shoes off and sans her beautiful corsage from Five Petals…there are some battles I just don’t fight) we could hear the music spilling out of the “ballroom” where dozens of daddies and daughters had converged for the event.

Before I knew it, we were smack dab in front of the deejay and cutting a rug. Well, I was dancing; Addy was doing laps around me and the dance floor, occasionally joining a group of girls she didn’t know for a hand-holding/dance session on the stage and just generally acting like, well, she was 3. It was beyond enjoyable to observe.

Not long into the night, “Mickey” came on. Addy’s face lit up and we jammed out to the 80s classic.

So, again, my apologies for sticking that song in your head.

From the 3-year-old perspective, the night was unique and fun. Dinner and dancing, photo opportunities, cupcakes and just general merriment and mayhem.

From my view, I saw a wonderful community event put on by a world class parks and recreation department.

This isn’t a volleyball league or a softball doubleheader, it’s a room full of proud fathers and young girls having some needed quality time outside the house.

These are the events that we bank in our memories forever.

That our parks department finds value in such events speaks volumes as to its mission and value in our community.

Addy and I ended the night with frozen yogurt with way too many toppings, a fitting end as we both were exhausted from whatever moves we left on the dance floor.

Thanks Addy for putting up with your singing, dancing dad for the night.

Look for us again next year when our moves will surely be even better.

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